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Post COVID… we are still creative!

Our school holiday/ Afterschool workshops will resume at Corner Table Cafe in the new year so stay tuned for the latest schedule.

Until then… we have step by step tutorial videos that you can follow and take home kits available from Corner Table Cafe at Pinewood Shopping Village- here’s a peek at what is available. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the most up to date information

Stay safe and be creative from the comfort of your own home.

Love Joy xx

November After School Workshops

Get ready for a delicious and action packed workshop in November 👍

Book via our Facebook ( JoyStationeryPinewood), our online booking site below or call us on 03 8838 8818

🎉🎉Woohoo! Can’t wait for November…. Fake poo🤭
Samples of our Workshop in November 2019

🤤yum, look at this cake!