Joy Stationery | About Us
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Joy Stationery

We are a bunch of stationery, art and craft enthusiasts whom built this place to bring joy to everyone who walks through our doors. It is a momentarily positive experience that contribute towards the general happiness of our life, it is an experience that makes us smile and laugh- that is what Joy Stationery is about.

Joy Stationery is a place that makes you feel good and for a moment in your life, you have no care in the world.

We travel the world in search of cute, quirky and happy things and bring it back to share with you all

Our store is divided into 5 sections;

(1)Limited Edition items which we bring back from our travels. We don’t offer this in large quantity.

(2) Hand made items- made by locals who are passionate about craft and enjoys customizing it to your likings.

(3) Stationery, art and craft supplies- from local and overseas suppliers

(4) Host birthday parties- We offer two packages,1- Clay making and 2- Canvas Painting. Contact us to find out more.

Lastly, we offer (5) Art and Craft workshops for all ages for them to explore their inner artist. We encourage every artist to put their personality into their artwork and explorer the possibilities.

Come and visit us at Joy Stationery, where we bring you Joy from all over the world.